Online rota with tamigo: save time and money

Save administrative time and money, when you are making the rota for your store, restaurant, café, hotel, etc., with tamigo's online rota planning:

  • Make and edit rotas on a computer, smartphone or tablet
  • The whole organisation will always have the current and updated rota available
  • Keep the overview when your employees want to swap shifts or are requesting absence
  • Avoid surprises in your rota planning
  • Always plan the optimal staffing for a shift

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Online shift planning has never been smarter

You and your employees can see and work with the rota in tamigo on a smartphone, tablet or computer, and you can easily communicate with the employees, when there are changes to the rota or available shifts in the rota.


You are notified via tamigo, when there are abensence requests or requests for shift swaps. You can see information, such as absence balances and contracts, so you always will make the right decisions. 


You can see the wage costs and expected productivity/sales for a given rota, while you are planning.


Moreover, you can also plan for the optimal staffing for a shift, by calculating the recommended staffing, based on sales numbers, footfall, etc, – directly in tamigo.

Employee info screenshot

The rota is incredibly easy to manage for the individual planner. And because the rota is constantly updated with new and user-friendly features, it actually just keeps getting easier and easier to use

Tommy Hvid
Operations Manager, Sticks'n'Sushi

tamigo: We do workforce management

tamigo is a cloud-based solution that combines scheduling, absence management, performance, employee communication, HR, finance and forecasting and more in ONE solution. We make workforce management easy, smart, and international to enable you to grow your business:


With tamigo your company can easily get started with:

  • Store and manage all important HR data in tamigo, such as master data, contracts, salaries, competencies, and availability
  • Make schedules based on your company's financial goals and your employees' contracts, qualifications and availability
  • Keep track of absence requests and get a full overview of all absences, such as holidays and sick leave
  • Track actual hours worked, breaks, overtime, etc. in the timesheet and add notes
  • Export correct payroll files to your company's payroll system, with just one click
  • Stay on top of your work and make decisions on the go, wherever you are with the tamigo mobile app
  • Integrate payroll, HRM, POS systems and the like to tamigo