Scotch & Soda uses tamigo to keep their colleagues in the loop

"It’s been important to us, to be able to communicate with our store employees throughout the lockdown.” says Mirijana Krstanovic, HR Manager for Scotch & Soda in Germany and Austria.


The 35 Scotch & Soda stores in Germany and Austria closed in March 2020, when most of Europe locked down. With tamigo, the chain had an easy and efficient way to reach all store employees, no matter where they are.


They did not only use it to keep employees in the loop with the latest developments, but also to keep the morale high.


“The easiest way for us to reach all our colleagues with these messages has been the tamigo front page. Here we shared updates and internal information about the situation and workflows. Moreover, our CEO sent out a letter to all employees to give some encouragement, that we also shared via tamigo” says Mirijana Krstanovic and adds:


“Aside from the current situation, we have also been sending out SMS’s and emails through tamigo to our employees inviting them to our yearly survey on employee satisfaction. This has helped us a lot getting more colleagues to participate the survey”.


From spreadsheets to a user-friendly solution in the cloud

tamigo has not only made it easier for Scotch & Soda to communicate with their employees, since they started using the solution in 2018.


Before using tamigo, they relied on spreadsheets in Excel for their rotas, absence management, etc. The change to a cloud-based workforce management solution was welcomed by the staff.


“My colleagues love it – tamigo is very easy to use! The staff in the stores mostly using the tamigo app to schedule their working shifts,  time offs, checking their working hours, etc.” concludes Mirijana Krstanovic.

Scotch & Soda uses tamigo in their international retail chain to optimise rota planning, absence management, employee communication and HR Master data

The easiest way for us to reach all our colleagues with these messages has been the tamigo front page

Mirijana Krstanovic
HR Manager, Scotch & Soda, Germany and Austria