Online self-service time clock for retail and hospitality
Online self-service time clock for retail and hospitality

With an online and digital self-service time clock, your employees can easily check in when their shifts begin, and out, when they are done working. This gives you a full overview of who’s at work, whether anybody is late and enables you to benchmark time and attendance data across different stores and departments.


Our online time clock solution, tamigo Touch, works on smartphone, tablet, computer and Point of Sales (POS) systems, and is an intuitive way for your employees to track their time and for your payroll department to secure correct wage payments

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Man checking in on tablet photo
Man checking in on tablet photo
4 benefits your company will get with an online self-service time clock:

Only pay for actual hours worked. By checking in and out of shifts, your employees’ hours will be tracked and checked against the hours they are scheduled for.


Get alerts when employees are late. If an employee is late or fails to check in on time, you can easily act on it and avoid being understaffed. What is more, you will get transparency in trends for late or missing check-ins.


Stay compliant with break rules and rounding rules. Have peace of mind knowing that breaks and rounding rules are added automatically to your employees’ shifts if required by rules or legislations.


Better data for better processes. By digitalising the time and attendance process, your departments get reliable and consistent data, so they can optimise their workflow and save time.

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tamigo automatically corrects the start time of the shifts to the scheduled hours even though people try to come in early to get extra hours. In this way, correct wage payments are guaranteed.

Anders Nilsson
BAR Social Eating, Controller