How Hotel des Norden gets a complete overview with tamigo

Ricco Alvarez, General Manager at Hotel des Nordens, gets a complete overview of all upcoming weeks and months with tamigo.


Hotel des Nordens is located in Harrislee, Germany. They have been using tamigo since 2010. Before tamigo, they relied on spreadsheets in Excel to plan shifts and an old-fashioned timeclock to keep track of time and attendance.


The timeclock has since been replaced with tamigo Touch, where the 80+ employees can check in and out of their shifts on a screen in the canteen. This is just one of the ways the hotel benefits from using a cloud-based workforce management solution like tamigo:


“We can make instant changes (e.g., to the rota) and let our employees know instantly. Also, we do not need to worry about broken formulas in an Excel sheet,” says Ricco Alvarez.


Ricco Alvarez uses tamigo daily to keep an overview of the planned weeks to come:


“I check the staffing profiles in the rota to make sure that we’ve scheduled the necessary people. The graphs above the rota give me a good overview, so I can get in touch with the responsible department manager if there’s a planned day that looks unexpected.”


The hotel is located close to the Danish-German border and focuses on business and leisure. With the largest heated outdoor pool in Northern Germany, they welcome lots of families over summer and during the German and Danish school breaks. This means that internal vacation planning for employees can be challenging for the hotel, but tamigo helps Ricco Alvarez to make the right decisions:


“I approve all the employees’ requests for vacation. tamigo makes it easy for me to get the transparent overview I need of who is requesting absence and when. This means that I always can ensure that we have the right amount of people needed in all our departments, especially during the high season,” says Ricco Alvarez.


The hotel management also uses tamigo to communicate with their employees, e.g., by uploading updated hygiene policies and posting information on the front page. Aside from easily being able to request absence and the ability to stay informed, the hotel’s employees use tamigo in their everyday work:


“The employees primarily use the tamigo app. They find it easy to check their upcoming shifts, flex hours and overtime,” says Ricco Alvarez.

Hotel des Nordens

tamigo makes it easy for me to get the transparent overview I need of who is requesting absence and when. 

Ricco Alvarez
General Manager, Hotel des Nordens