At Tamigo we believe that the high level of information and influence on your own working day helps prevent conflicts and increases your loyalty towards your workplace. One of the major strengths of Tamigo is that the system actively involves you as an employee. No other suppliers of online rota solutions have integrated transparency and communication into their solution to the same extent.

See your rota when you are out and about

Tamigo App for all smartphones gives you access to all the Tamigo core functions. The app lets you swop shifts, make bids for available shifts and offer your own shifts, as and when you like – and the system takes care of the rest.

Overview of hours and absence

As an employee you can access your own time sheets at any time. For this reason there is no doubt about how much you have worked during a specific period. You can also see how much absence you have had.

Communication – fast and effective

As an employee you have access to a complete phone list of your colleagues and immediate superiors via web and app, and you can always communicate with your workplace. Important departmental information is always accessible – regardless of platform.

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