When you work with Tamigo, as a CFO you only have to search for key performance indicators in one place. With just a few clicks you have access to detailed information about daily management in the entire organisation. Tamigo collects the entire financial value chain in a single, user-friendly system.

See the strategy in practice

Tamigo gives you a strong basis on which to make substantiated strategic presentations for other managers based on the Tamigo financial reports. Forecasts are an integrated part of the Tamigo finance module

Keep track of operations

Get an accurate impression of the stores' performance and daily operations individually and as a whole via direct access to reports on e.g. productivity, budgets, wage percentages, expected revenue or staffing vs. customer figures.

Communication at all levels

Direct communication with all employees in all departments via the Tamigo info page, email or text is an integrated function in the Tamigo communication module. Moreover, Tamigo helps improve the dialogue with the individual store manager.

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