By using Tamigo, management can always easily and quickly get an updated overview of planning, revenue, budgets and start times for the employees. Tamigo gives you as an administrator an accurate impression of the stores' performance – individually and as a whole. The easy and daily access to the stores' reports enables you to make decisions at an early stage, and the results are clear in the overall bottom line.

See the future for your company

Tamigo has developed a number of functions that enable you to make the right choices in an easy manner to improve customer service, increase sales and minimise labour costs. Using uploaded customer figures, Tamigo can give an accurate impression of productivity on an hourly basis in the individual store. On the basis of forecasts, retail managers can subsequently make substantiated decisions about future staffing.

Easy and transparent benchmarking

As one of only a few suppliers of workforce management systems in the market, Tamigo offers unrestricted access to information in the entire organisation. This means that management can easily gain insight into the staffing situation and labour costs for the individual store, and the main office can create a collective benchmark analysis for all departments. Direct communication with all employees in all departments is an integrated function in the Tamigo communication module.

Save time and money

Tamigo gives you all preconditions for making your company even more profitable. You can minimise time-consuming administration and focus more on improving your customer service and increasing your revenue. Tamigo replaces time-consuming administrative tasks, such as shift planning, communication with the employees and payroll export with time-saving, fully automatic processes.

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