Tamigo is a 100% online web-based solution that gives you total control of the entire staffing process. The logically structured and easily accessible rota helps you keep an overview every day. In your daily operations you make decisions about shift swops, bids for available shifts and absence.

The changes are automatically entered in Tamigo, the rota is updated and your employees are informed. You can automatically transmit your rota to your private calendar, e.g. Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar and iPhone Calendar. When the planner updates the rota, your calendar will automatically be updated and show any changes in the rota. Moreover, you can integrate planned and actual labour costs for individual stores/departments in your rota.

Tamigo gives you an accurate impression of the labour cost level for the rota that you have just made. This is a strong basis on which to make pro-active choices and decisions.


Make plans for the future

You don't need to enter the rota week-by-week. If you use a template, you only have to do it once. Roll your template out for the requested number of weeks and give your employees access to it immediately. You can also roll out the rota for an individual employee without overwriting the existing rota.

Make a rota

Enter shifts directly into the rota, move around quickly and easily with the arrow keys, click "Save" and you will immediately share the rota online with your employees.

Shift Swop

In the 'Shift Exchange' you can easily accept or reject the employees' bids for shifts and requests for shift swops. The system provides full documentation and creates 100% clarity over shifts that are automatically updated when the planner or administrator has made his or her decision.

Wave goodbye to Excel sheets and time-consuming manual keying

Many companies are currently seeing a boom in the number of part-time employees. This puts a heavy burden on the rota, as it now has many more employees and more complex communication with employees than was the case just a few years ago. Manual fault-ridden keying is a thing of the past. The Tamigo rota replaces the manual processes with automated functions that allow you to spend more time on more important matters.

It’s easy to keep track of working time regulations

When you make a rota in Tamigo you receive the information you need to prevent you from violating working time regulations. Colour codes, for example, help you assign the exact number of hours to your employees that they are contractually entitled to have. Moreover, you will receive automatic warnings if you break the working time regulations.

100% online

Tamigo is an online solution. When you have Tamigo, as an administrator or planner you can make new rotas or edit in existing rotas at any time no matter where you are in the world. When you have finished, click once to confirm your new rota and then your employees can access the updated rota.