Let Tamigo increase the profit in your restaurant. Every day Tamigo makes a significant difference for both large and small restaurants all over Europe. The Tamigo online rota solution is customised to restaurants that want to minimise the many time-consuming tasks that characterise the business. You manage rotas, time registration and communication with your employees efficiently with Tamigo. At the same time you have a market leading overview of your financial situation so you can always take full advantage of the potential in your restaurant – and that means surplus for both you and your restaurant.

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Keep track of labour costs

Restaurant labour costs often amount to 30-40% of the total revenue and this is beyond compare the largest item of expenditure in a restaurant. At the same time there may be a difference between labour costs for the kitchen staff and the waiters. Therefore, Tamigo shows you – down to single hours – what your rota should look like to achieve a good balance between labour costs and an often variable revenue – today and in the future.

Fast and effective shift planning

Many hourly-paid employees, a heavy rate of employee turnover and variable revenue are characteristic of the normal running of a restaurant. Therefore, shift swopping, bidding for available shifts and absence management are often time-consuming processes. The Tamigo online rota automates these tasks. You make the decisions, the employees are informed and the rota is automatically updated.

Time registration and payroll export

Getting paid correctly is one of the biggest motivation factors at any workplace. In Tamigo all worked hours are registered in the time sheet that can subsequently be exported to your preferred payroll system along with supplements and overtime payment in one single file. The employees can access their own time sheet at any time and validate the final payment of salaries and prevent conflicts.

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Get off to a good start

Get off to a good start with Tamigo. Book a free 30 days' trial period with full access to telephone support and create employees, make shift schedules and add absence. After the trial period, you will already have implemented Tamigo in your operations and can effortlessly continue with a subscription.
If your store requires more help in the start-up phase, Tamigo offers a number of cost-effective services. As a start-up company, you can either book a personal meeting where we clarify your needs in relation to Tamigo. You can also buy a workshop for you and your key managerial staff, after which all your employees are created on the system and can access an updated shift schedule.
For chains Tamigo offers to handle the entire process of implementing, transmitting data, integrating seamlessly in the payroll system and training heads of operations. Together we prepare a roadmap for the process and subsequently, on the basis of your specific needs and wishes, we customise the process. The aim is to add as much value as possible to your chain – as fast as possible.

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