The hotel industry has typically many time-consuming administrative tasks. Tamigo replaces slow manual registration of wage hours including heaps of special compensations with an efficient online workforce management system. The system automates time-consuming tasks, such as making rotas, calculating labour costs and completing time sheets including the correct supplements. This means that Tamigo gives the hotel staff and key managerial staff the best framework for optimising one of the hotel industry's most important competitive parameters: The customer experience.

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All information at hand

As one of only a few suppliers of workforce management systems Tamigo offers unrestricted access to information in the entire hotel organisation. Therefore, you can easily have an all-round, updated overview of shift planning and labour costs in the desired hotel departments – all information is collected in one place.

Direct communication

Your employees can always access the new rota, staff information and available shifts via Tamigo App. Tamigo also enables different language options via web and app. Use the bulletin board, which all employees see when they log on, to inform them about today’s competition, the campaign of the month or extended working hours, etc.

Online time clock

Enable your employees to check in/out via Tamigo Touch online time clock and be certain that their hours worked are registered correctly without the potential risk of mistakes involved in filling in time sheets manually. Subsequently, you only have to pay salary for your employees' hours worked and you can save a lot of money on salaries paid.

Get off to a good start

Get off to a good start with Tamigo. Book a free 30 days' trial period with full access to telephone support and create employees, make shift schedules and add absence. After the trial period, you will already have implemented Tamigo in your operations and can effortlessly continue with a subscription.
If your store requires more help in the start-up phase, Tamigo offers a number of cost-effective services. As a start-up company, you can either book a personal meeting where we clarify your needs in relation to Tamigo. You can also buy a workshop for you and your key managerial staff, after which all your employees are created on the system and can access an updated shift schedule.
For chains Tamigo offers to handle the entire process of implementing, transmitting data, integrating seamlessly in the payroll system and training heads of operations. Together we prepare a roadmap for the process and subsequently, on the basis of your specific needs and wishes, we customise the process. The aim is to add as much value as possible to your chain – as fast as possible.

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