Startups with operational focus are better equipped for success

Friday, February 5, 2016

... administrative operational tasks.

Startups are typically characterized by having a heavy focus on product, sales and customers. On the other hand operational tasks such as rostering, employee communication and absence management are downgraded.

Many companies will thus be 'born' with an administrative backlog , which over time - as turnover and number of employees grows - inhibits both the entrepreneur's overview and thus business development.

There are therefore many good reasons why startup companies should see the operation as a prerequisite for growth - not vice versa!

Six essential questions for startups

If you as an entrepreneur rather spend time on providing good customer service and product optimization, than to sit in the back office and manually update employee data, rosters, absence and hours to the payroll system, you should consider digitizing the operation - the sooner, the better. 

As one of the leading providers of online roster solutions, Tamigo has many years of experience helping startups in a variety of industries to crack down on time consuming day-to-day tasks. Therefore, we know what six questions you should ask yourself if you are considering digitizing your operation: 

1. What does your business require, you should focus on?

2. How much time do you spend today on administrative, operational tasks?

3. How important is it that the digitization of the operation is targeted exactly the industry you are in?

4. How important is it that I get the opportunity to delegate operational tasks via the digital solution?

5. Should I choose a digital solution where I have access to all functions at once, or one that I can build on as my business grows?

6. Is it important to you and the employees to always have access to important, updated business information online via web and smartphone app?

 At Tamigo we collect success stories that show how we help emerging businesses to make the most out of great opportunities by running a tight and efficient operation.

 "If I were to wipe the slate clean and open a coffee shop today, a professional roster solution would be one of my first investments. It's hard to be successful in this line of business, if you can't manage your employees and your roster.”

 - Former Head of administration at Baresso Coffee (30+ coffee shops in Denmark), Inger Luciano.

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